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Troubleshooting Home Electrical Issues

electrical repairsWe may often take it for granted. But the electricity powering our homes and businesses is an indispensable necessity. Thankfully, it’s not often that we lose power. When we do, it’s the responsibility of our electricity provider to restore service. It can be stressful, but it’s out of our control.

Even more stressful are instances of intermittent power, no power, or other electrical events where the cause is not easy to identify. When these occur, North Shore residents can take comfort in knowing that a trusted electrician is at their service.

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Christopher A Deao Electrical Contractor offers round the clock service for electrical repairsemergencies. For issues that are less urgent we offer priority scheduling to diagnose the problem so we can get you back online as soon as possible. If you’re experiencing frequent tripping of breakers, switches or receptacles working intermittently, or if your house has mostly 2 prong, rather than 3 prong receptacles, you should consider an electrical system inspection.

Our first concern is the safety and security of your family. Electrical failures or malfunctions are a leading cause of fire in homes, according to The National Fire Protection Association. The U.S. average of 47,820 reported electrical fires results in 455 deaths, 1,518 injuries, and 1.5 billion in property damage annually.

Faulty wiring is most often the culprit. Accidents waiting to happen are not limited to obvious hazards such as worn,  frayed, or brittle wiring but often are due to overloaded circuits or overuse of extension cords. We can lay some of the blame on technology. And that every room in the house, or every circuit, is being asked to carry much greater electrical loads than they were originally designed for.

Home electrical problems usually begin as nuisances. Flickering lights, for example, may be due to a defective or loose bulb. If replacement of the bulb doesn’t solve the problem troubleshooting will be necessary to determine if the problem is the light fixture itself, the connection to the fixture, or loose wiring elsewhere.

Troubleshooting and repairs should be done before a minor problem becomes more serious. And it’s always better to consult a licensed electrician. If you suspect your home is in need of troubleshooting and electrical repair contact Chris Deao today.


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